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Project Description

Utility tools for Windows, includes a file renamer, a file cleaner and a used disk space measurement tool.

It's developed in C# with the .net framework 3.5

ToolGab is a Windows tool set. The initial tools will be :
  • Renamer - Rename all files from folders (Multiple options availables)
  • Cleaner - Delete files from folders and subfolders based on their extension. Clean all invalid shortcuts.

Current release: ToolGab.Cleaner Preview

Please note that I'm currently upgrading the base code to make it more efficient and to use latest framework enhancements

Future features/specs

  • Esgace - Another tool that will someday be incorporated with ToolGab. This project is host at CodePlex
  • The application will be translated to other languages, The first will be French!
    • L'application va être traduite éventuellement en d'autres langues, et le français va être le premier!

Any suggestions is appreciated.

If you like to participate to the project, don't hesitate to ask!

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